Our Products and Services


We offer our customers a variety of savings account that suits every stage of their lives with unique benefits designed to match their personal banking needs as they grow.

Demand Deposit

Our customers can directly withdraw their money and issue bank checks up to the limit of their account balance at any time.


We offer a variety of investment products ranging from term deposits for customers who have the dream of relaxing while earning monthly income that caters for their needs . We also offer products that supports enterprise development and growth.

Salary Account

We offer flexible and comprehensive banking services to all the salaries segments of the consumer space .We ensure that customers are given seamless and convenient access to their salaries.

Bank Guarantee

We ensure that the liabilities of the debtors will be met.We enable you acquire goods,buy equipment and draw down on loans.

Bank Loans

We offer various loans which enables our customers have access to funds and grow their businesses.

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